Morning News:

Princess Cupcake and Princess Jellybean have been placed in separate schools.

What Ran through My Head

How the hell am I going to drop off/pick up one when the other either gets off at the same time or starts/ends minutes after?! I want to be there for both of them the first day of school! I always walk them in! These are new environments where they know nobody at all! I want to check out the school vibe and these teachers!

After a stressful and even somewhat tearful morning call to my mum, I took my babies to their new schools to check out the campuses. The three of us first stopped by the 8 year old’s. I really liked the grounds. The veteran secretary knew her stuff and made sure I knew the bell schedules. She ended our visit with a reassurance, “She’ll be just fine here.” We also ran into the PE teacher who introduced himself and praised Princess Jellybean’s teacher.

Afterwards, our trio hit the tween’s school. The office was already closed but I had talked to the informative secretary earlier. The campus is okay, somewhat old. We found where her classroom is and wondered about the teacher she’s going to get, new to the staff. While I don’t like being low on the totem pole compared to back in the city, the school is a rated 10 and Princess Cupcake only has a year there. Plus, school is not six miles away anymore. The girls’ schools are near one another and near home.

So after lunch made by the girls, I decided to DIY the foot soak using this recipe I had pinned some time ago. I didn’t realize I needed peppermint leaves but I then remembered I had a box of Tazo Mint Tea in the cabinet. So how to decompress this afternoon?


A mini spa pedicure in the 80° backyard while reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone (A good book, BTW, about chimaeras and angels) by Laini Taylor until the water cooled.

My footsies are refreshed.

I’m relaxed.

School situation accepted.


14 thoughts on “Needed

  1. Even if the school situation wasn’t accepted, there’s not much you can do about it. Epic tantrums do nothing around here……of course, neither does being nice. ::sigh::

    I’m dealing with all these mandatory things: volunteering (it’s not mandatory at the preschool level but for the charter school, it is….yeah, it’s not volunteering if it’s required), the two nights before school started (two meetings, one night was no children and the other was for both), and this week I have the back to school night……which is, again, no children. Um, what are we supposed to do with them? It’s not like we know anyone or have a sitter or a nanny (it sounds like almost everyone in the class has a nanny). So, Husband has to leave work early to stay home with the boys so I can go to this meeting. ::sigh::

    At least the school is only a couple blocks away.


  2. Oh my dear it will all work out, promise. Years and years ago I had three children in three different school and all three in different afterschool activities. We were busy and tired, but
    we made it work and I know you will too.
    I love your foot soak idea and will have to use that here, it sounds nice.


  3. Glad the schools are fairly close, hope it’s not too much of a logistical nightmare :-S My eldest is changing school this year but her new school shares the same site and it’s close enough to walk to so it won’t have much of an impact. She does have to get there a bit earlier in the morning, I suspect that will be a steep learning curve 😉


  4. I am sending you my support in this transition as well as dealing with the separate campuses. You’re pretty capable and calm so I’m sure you’ll manage this with the ease and grace you usually do.

    Your foot spa looks like it could kick some relaxation into a lot of situations.

    All the best.


  5. Different schools are stressful. I’m in my second year of elementary plus preschool, and dream of the day when the boy is in kindergarten and there’s one drop-off, one pick-up…..


  6. Oh my, I hope that it runs smoothly for you, my kids had an hour difference when they were in different schools but that ate up two hours in the morning and in the afternoon!! Luckily by the end of middle school they were all on the same time frame!


  7. Different schools is always so hard, both on children and on parents and we have to put a strong front up and be there for them to cope with their nervousness and worries even though we ourselves have the same worries and nervousness. All I can say is when your in the middle of it all it will most likely work out as these things so often do yet when you are looking at it from this side your wondering How? Our own school schedule is somewhat crazy here beginning tomorrow morning and involves drop off, pick up drop off, pick up x3 at completely different times and then the usual daily things that follow in a school term day at home.


  8. it’s so tough when the littles are starting school, such a busy time! I’m sure they will both be really happy at their new schools, and I hope the first day drop offs go great!


  9. Yes, that relaxing foot soak was much needed! I hope that the different schools and schedules work out for you and your girls. I love being just a hop and skip away from my son’s school. In fact, it’s just down the trail from our house.


  10. It sounds like a potential nightmare if your attitude were different, but these are your girls and I’m guessing they’re as adaptable as their mum clearly is. I’m sure they will both be just fine x


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