An Afternoon

How I spent my Saturday afternoon:


Storage space is sparse here in our home compared to before in the apartment. A metal, industrial rack came to mind when I thought of how I could use some of the space in my kitchen for storage and for what didn’t fit in the short cabinets. I pinned some ideas on my Crib Decor – Kitchen board. When I mentioned and showed these to my mum, she thought of the rack her and my dad didn’t need. Lucky me scoring this hand-me-down!

The husband inspired me to unpack the kitchen boxes while he cleared out the gutters with cooler weather on the horizon. Two and a half hours. I say today was a good day.


14 thoughts on “An Afternoon

  1. Free is fabulous. In our case, we picked up a wooden shelf thingie at Ikea that was in the scratch & dent section. There wasn’t anything wrong with it…we think that someone put it together and discovered it was either too small or too big for the space. So, we bought it for cheap and it’s not perfect but it works. We use it mostly for food, though.

    Someday, you’ll have to wander over this way 🙂


  2. Oh, you had a great day. I have a tiny kitchen that is need of a complete make over. The rack in your photo is the exact rack I am going to use in my kitchen, my husband uses them in his business and loves them. I also want to put in a metal table in place of one of the counter tops. I want to rip all the upper cabinet off my walls and just use lower shelves and metal racks. Oh, and replace all the appliances and the flooring…I have a safe jar 🙂
    Enjoy your day.


  3. I’ve been tidying too! I’ve got my yarn stash down to two shoeboxes and one totebag with sock yarn, and my pattern books down to one shelf.

    You may want to look at IKEA for baskets and bins to organize it even further and to keep it more visually “quiet” …. although I know I’m a bit OCD about not seeing clutter and I’d never manage to keep it as tidy as you have it now!


  4. Awesome!!! I was in the garage doing the same ! With the four older children moving out or going to college we are trying to simplify and organize as well! Our 8 yr old was even in in the organizatio!


  5. Oh how I wish I had something like this in my kitchen! It looks fantastic. Love that you can see what you have instead of having to go hunting for it. I buy so many duplicates like flour & other pantry items because everything gets “lost”.


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