Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Every year you are challenged with something. However, after a shaky start with some support, you rise with confidence and triumph. You become smarter and stronger even though childhood is not easy to go through. I am always amazed at your resilience.

I just want to tell you, you are an inspiration to me. Your mum was a late bloomer who was never athletic nor a go-getter. Your enthusiasm and dedication to training for your first 5K encouraged me to get my butt running. I want to be able to run that next race with you!

You make me proud. From curiosity to gentle lessons by our neighbor, you’ve branched out, recently hooked up with a geared up deck:

Chloe's $120 Skateboard

And now you are shreddin’ the pavement every day. I can’t believe today you were bravely skateboarding down the driveway and turning right like it was nothin’.

300 pixels

You made it look so fun yesterday that I was even inspired to try this sport out. Watching you try and try again since last week fueled my determination to figure out my stance and to get my balance.

You are growing into a wonderful young lady. I can’t wait to see what life has to bring you and how much more you’ll grow as a person.


(new glasses picked up today from Costco)

I love you, Princess Cupcake. You rock!

Love, Mum.


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