We need some yarn up in here!

I decided this week to give you a break from my niece’s jumper. I figure I tortured you enough with my trials and tribulations.

So let’s see what the princesses have on their needles, yeah?

Princess Jellybean spotted this yarn on our last trip to Michael’s:


She had tried out a circular cowl but we had to frog after discovering she was knitting inside out. So the 8-year-old decided she wanted to knit a scarf, but try purling also. After watching a video on YouTube, this little one got her purl on, alternating sections of garter stitch with stockinette.

You can see she is a medium to semi-tight knitter. Did I tell you I showed my baby how to cast on recently and she was able to cast on all by herself? Isn’t that grand? I’m so proud of her.

Of course her tween sister would not be outdone.

Because the 10-year-old kept telling me how she liked the cotton yarn that was sitting on my dresser and how she wanted some, I let her have most of the Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream.


Princess Cupcake was inspired by Knitting for Children: 35 Simple Knits Kids Will Love to Make by Claire Montgomerie. One of the beginning chapters is about stitch patterns. Seed stitch caught her eye. I mentioned to her dishcloths would be fast and easy projects, so the oldest is trying to knit some as Christmas gifts.

This is the second time she started seed stitch. With an 8 circular, the fabric was so too loose as we discovered the tween is a loose knitter. We frogged the first try. This time I had her go down to a 5 circ.

Okay, off to finish my Bigelow green tea. The girls are chomping at the bit to play outside with their friend. I need to bike my laps (20 laps = about 1K steps) around the court too. I stopped roller blading because it made my left knee muscles feel funny. I need to take care of this body. I’m not in my 20’s anymore.

Have a good afternoon!


10 thoughts on “We need some yarn up in here!

  1. Your girls are doing amazing and I love both projects. I have been knitting dish cloths today too for Christmas gifts 🙂 I use to be a very tight knitter, but have discovered over the last year that I am finally relaxing my stitches a little more.
    It’s hard to admit, but I’m not in my 20’s any more either, that is why I no longer run [bad knees] I walk.


  2. Tell your girls, “Good Work”! So glad they are picking up knitting skills that will last through their lives. Again, taking after mama, they are making gifts, too.


  3. that is so impressive, both projects look great! I can’t wait until my daughter is a bit older and I can teach her how to knit. I love seeing your daughter’s progress.


  4. Your girls are so funny about knitting. Little Man doesn’t seem to want to actually learn to knit but he will definitely pick out yarn for projects, especially if it’s something for him 🙂


  5. Well done you for listening to your body and not pushing it to the point of injury. Take it easy and remember it needs time to heal itself.
    Wonderful knits the girls have going on. Makes me a tad envious that I didn’t learn to knit till later years. They now have a lifetime to play with yarn!


  6. The girls knitting is looking really good! I have to tell you you are smart with the dishtowels! They say teaching knitting to anyone to start with small projects for a sense of completion and a focused study. Their stitches look very nice and how fantastic to make gifts as well! All the best!


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