Executive and Sous

Lunchtime! Wha cha eatin’?

Having been injured has taught me a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ – delegation. So while I’ve been babying the foot (Merci for your concern.), I let my dames become the sous cooks. The pair caught up on Master Chef Junior recently and have been itching to learn more about cooking. While Princess Jellybean now preps the rice for the rice cooker, Princess Cupcake has now taken over salad duty.

IMG_4274Delegating to the baby and the tween has helped me immensely. The 10-year-old is also putting together sandwiches for us gals besides starting to make her dad’s lunch so he won’t have to stumble around half asleep in the morning.

On a funny note, this one just got mad at her little sister who does not like condiments on her bread. Princess Jellybean was told, “You are so picky.”

Uh, what has this mother been putting up for 10 years? Hello! The oldest had to change out the bread and wrap it up for future consumption.

With some of these meal preps off of my shoulders and with a slight limp that is going away bit by bit today, I whipped up this new recipe last night. IMG_4275We don’t eat beef too often in this house as I had gotten tired of ground beef when we first started buying groceries at Costco. When I saw that pin on Pinterest I was inspired to try more of Costco’s other meats to have better dinner menu variety.

Our home smelled so good yesterday afternoon and evening! This recipe requires some prep beforehand but it is worth it.

When I grabbed the brisket to transfer it to a bowl, it was falling apart. I kept saying to myself that the meat was gorgeous! For the sauce I blended the carrots and onions with the liquid. They thickened the sauce and filled it full of flavor. Our crew can probably get two more meals out of this 4 lb. brisket. What a deal!


4 thoughts on “Executive and Sous

  1. What wonderful sous chef’s you have there and who know, it may be a life time career. I taught all my children to cook which is a good thing since I have a few daughter in loves who don’t cook at all.
    I hope you are feeling better and the ankle heals soon.


  2. It’s good to get the girls on kitchen duty! Growing up we each had a day of the week for which we made supper. We’d sit down with the Amish cookbook, pick our recipe, add the ingredients to the shopping list and then wow the family with our awesome cooking skills. Mom cooked on Saturday (usually spaghetti which was a family favourite) and we’d go out for dinner on Sunday. Delegation is great!


  3. I’ve noticed a surge of independence in my child when I just leave him to it. It’s daunting (and he is older than your 2 for sure) but if I’m around … even with the nagging there is less self … impetus. Just more … squabbling and nagging. I can smell the deliciousness of your brisket from here. I love that we have kids that appreciate cooking and salad! You just don’t rush that foot! Make sure your people keep taking care of you and themselves when they can. xoxo


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