Back in Business

Mahalo plenty for your concern. I am following Renee of Confession of a Yarn Addict‘s advice. I have a big, cushy, bedrest pillow propping up my right foot. It’s currently getting iced again.

Kamsa hamnida for your support with my roller coaster ride with my holiday knitting. I am back in business!


(pic of the how the sleeve section is supposed to look; garter stitch panel with stockinette on the sides)

I started my niece’s jumper last night. All morning today I knitted 20 rounds. I am now done with the raglan increases. I am happy to report that my numbers are correct! *fist pump*

The dames are dying to ride outside so I’m gonna chillax in the canvas chairs and knit some more.

I hope TGIF is driving your productivity today and it has prompted you to make great plans for this weekend. TTYL!


5 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. You’ve been knitting……I’ve been cleaning. Well, sort of. I’ve been taking care of some random things that have been bothering me for at least a week. I emptied out the vacuum cleaner (GROSS!), I cleaned off the dining room table, I reread Little Man’s school paperwork, I got Little Man’s school stuff ready to go (labeled items, put them in his bag, etc.), and other daily things like dishes and making sure Little Man’s room was picked up. Exciting times. ::sigh::


  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend, but sorry you have to deal with this. Sending you mass healing thoughts. 🙂
    Your knitting looks beautiful. That yarn color really shines with the garter stitch.


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