Just not my day.


Was almost able to fix it but not quite. My count was still off so I fed it to the frogs.

*sighs* Oh well, I’ll have time to knit for the rest of this weekend. Stepped on some tree debris and rolled my foot during my morning run. Thought I was okay but when I came home, there is discomfort when I put my full weight on this foot.

*sighs again*


5 thoughts on “Just not my day.

  1. Sounds like you did the classic “roll the ankle” trick. I got so good at it that my ankle and foot wouldn’t bruise or swell but I also couldn’t walk on it. If I hadn’t known the ER/Urgent Care doctor, it would have been really fun trying to explain that.

    So, the usual medical advice (and I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV): ice, elevation (preferably on a pillow rather than a hard chair), ibproufen, and stay off of it…but if you must wander about, I recommend a brace of some sort (an athletic brace is great and usually you can get a decent one at Walgreens and it’ll fit into most regular shoes). If it starts getting worse (swelling especially but pain as well), get thee to one of those people with an actual MD after their name. There’s a possibility that you broke a bone or tore a ligament/tendon. Sadly, a sprain sucks bozons and takes longer to heal (go ahead, ask me how I know that one…).

    And I suppose the girls start school within the next week or so?


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