In Limbo

Do you ever see those pins on Pinterest that show you how to unravel a stitch, laddering the fabric to fix a mistake many rows below?

My final stitch count after the raglan increases was off by one.

I figured out where I forgot to increase. Guess what I’m trying to do:


Scary, huh?

I was able to start putting this back together. However, it’s getting tougher at the third row.

I need my crochet hook! But of course they’re playing hide and seek right now. Oh, and the husband is KO’ed right now. Of course I can’t make noise trying to find that crochet hook set. After all, my man is the one who brings home the bacon.

So I’m in limbo until tomorrow. Despite having to wait, I’m proud of myself for being able to spot where the increase was missing and for taking this plunge to use this technique.

*puttin’ on the boxing gloves and fists raised*

I’m fightin’ to not let this obstacle put a damper on my mojo!


9 thoughts on “In Limbo

  1. Good Job! I have been succesful and i have been not so succesful at fixing mistakes. It is always worth a try for sure!!


  2. good luck!!! Isn’t it a weird feeling you know you can do it but it still frightens you! Once while working in a yarn store I had to repair an antique crocheted blanket and had to cut stitches … I was sweating!


  3. Oh, man, I feel your pain. And it will stay tough once you do the increase, because you don’t really have the yarn there for that extra stitch. But it beats frogging all the way back to that point!


  4. On the shawl I just finished I dropped a stich and the little thing slipped down really far, really fast and I had to slowly hook it back up. I can not imagine doing what you are doing without a crochet hook. Fingers crossed that you find them quickly tomorrow and are back on track.


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