Roller Coaster of Knitting

Well, it seems the high from knitting my nephew’s Flax has come to a plummeting down:


I was working on the left sleeve last Friday and realized it shouldn’t be all garter stitch. There is actually a garter stitch panel just on the top of each arm! Damn it! (Imagine Donkey Kong jumping up and down.) I totally misread the pattern.

I texted a pic to my mum. She said I should redo the jumper because it looked funny. And you know with top-down raglan, everything is connected so that means a full on frogging. Lots of eff’s flew around Friday afternoon.

I took the weekend off to decompress. I will move onto my niece’s Flax to rekindle my holiday knitting mojo. This will make it easier to knit the pattern a third time with a smaller jumper.

Oh well, like the old saying goes: Practice makes perfect.

What experience, any kind, have you had where practice makes perfect?


6 thoughts on “Roller Coaster of Knitting

  1. Oh so many, it is hard to pick just one to share :(. So sorry! It made me sigh just to think about how discouraging that can be! I try to play a mindgame with myself and pretend it is the first time all over again :). Tomorrow is a new day!


  2. Oh, that awful practice makes perfect….I’ve been there more times than I care to admit.
    But you know, at least it’s getting to knit more so there is a positive.
    I just picked up the yarn to knit Porter a little cardigan, and can’t wait to cast on.


  3. Seems to me I just ripped back half a sock leg, LOL! When I first starting knitting socks I frogged on average three times before I ever got it right! The yarn is just too beautiful and the pattern is just too cute not to make it perfect! And I hear you on the Effs… there were a few flying around here when I realized I was doing the reverse YOs wrong. I was tempted to pitch the entire project into the back of a cupboard and cast on something new!


  4. That’s a shame and very annoying! Just last week I had to rip back several rows because I’d forgotten a buttonhole! (Seamless of course so LOADS of stitches on the needles!)


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