Lovin’ This

It’s evening here. I forgot to blog earlier today as my main focus was getting back into the exercise routine after not being able to run the past two days – makes me a little anxious. Mornings before 11 is a must as it starts heating up then. Also, when the husband tells you he has no more underwear…laundry alert!

With taking on holiday knitting, I’ve been a monogamous knitter. Can I tell you I can’t be happier with the first in line of December gifts? I am lovin’ this Flax pattern. IMG_4260 This one to two years old size is adorable. As I knit,  I am reminded that I seriously need to buy more Madelinetosh Vintage yarn!

I finished the body today on a 6 circular. For the ribbed areas, I used a size 4.

Next up is one of the sleeves. Since the circumference is small, I’ll be using my trusty DPN’s.

This photo is pretty much shows the true color of Celadon. In the past I thought it was too light and not good for a fall or winter project. I totally changed my mind. I love it.

*pattin’ myself on the back for good progress* 


6 thoughts on “Lovin’ This

  1. Beautiful! You are inspiring me to pick up the needles and yarn again. It has been quite awhile! I have learned that I get burned out at knitting peoples requests. I need to stick to just knitting my desires!


  2. Oh yes, that photo really features the colorway. I think you can knit on that color all year long lady.

    I’m inspired as well. Between you and ChrisKnits I need to slap some baby knits on the needles this weekend.


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