C is for cookie.

Aloha. How was your weekend?

On Friday I got out my summer spa swap package out! I stuck to the basic elements of washcloth and handmade soap. I handmade an envelope and card to go with them. My swap partner should receive this today! I’ll blog about the contents tomorrow.

I waited for my honey to come home from work so we could go on our first run together. He took it easy on me since I’m working on two miles right now. The kahuna said he noticed my good form.

After dinner I started baking while I had the raisins soaking in Bulleit Bourbon for the past two hours; I got this idea from Amy of Bag of Chocolates. Our ohana had plans to oink out at my brother’s on Saturday to celebrate our dad’s birthday. The cookies were going to be our birthday present to my daddy.

My dad liked my oatmeal cookies from this recipe in the past as he had told my mum they were soft enough to bite into; I inherited the bone loss gene from him and he from his father.


I didn’t put pecans in. Instead, I substituted with a cup of Nestle’s chocolate chips. I had six drops of dough on each baking sheet, only putting in one sheet at a time. I baked one way for seven minutes and like Martha Stewart, turned the pan around afterwards for another seven. They came out soft enough to bite! I even got 39 cookies out of the recipe too.

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?


2 thoughts on “C is for cookie.

  1. I have this old C&H Sugar recipe my mom snagged from a magazine a gazillion years ago to make cutout sugar cookies. I couldn’t tell you how old the recipe is other than it’s from the mid-to-late 1980s.

    I also have my grandmother’s Sandbakkel recipe (it’s kind of like a sugar cookie dish)….I’ve not made them in years, though. Also, interesting note about the sandbakkel tins: you’re not supposed to wash them with soap. It’s kind of like cast iron in that you can rinse them with water and get the gunky bits out, but that’s it. There’s a seasoning to using them again and again…..or so they say 🙂


  2. Soft cookies always start a discussion. Texture is so important to people and people are people. They all like different things. These cookies sound wonderful. My family are nutty, but they aren’t nutty eaters (in their baked goods) so the chocolate chip substitution would be right up our alley. I love this random Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe I found online a zillion years ago BC (Before Child) It’s basically a brownie cookie. The trick is to make sure you let the dough set in the fridge. There are so many fabulous versions, but I still use the same one … shrug. This is it if you’re interested…



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