Fostering My Green

I’m sure many of you are seeing all over Pinterest how to regrow certain vegetables from their scraps. I decided to try this out for three reasons: 1. Several of you inspired me through your wonderful, thriving, garden posts, 2. Sometimes I get tired of having to buy certain vegetables or herbs every week, and 3. Like you, we have that Homeowner To-Do List so who knows when we’ll get to landscaping the front and back yards. Last night when I was cleaning the kitchen up after our roasted chicken dinner, I noticed this: IMG_4249 Isn’t it cool?! I was so surprised because although I have this romaine lettuce scrap up on the window sill, I haven’t really looked up at it. I was so happy ^__^ to see it growing. I texted it to my mum who responded, “Yea, look forward to a nice green salad.” I want to try white onion but need to get some organic soil. Dumb me bought a big bag of Miracle Gro and I should have known better that it has chemicals. So white onion is on hold. I purposely bought some green onions for our salads so I’m going to chop off the ends and immerse them in water. We use scallions a lot and sometimes you just need them, you know? I have three, starter herb plants that I’m trying to grow bigger right now. I need to remember to water them every day as it’s warm here. I’m dying to try bok choy and mushrooms from their scraps too! Have you tried growing something from its food scrap? If so, do share. Have a good Friday and hope you have fun plans for this weekend. TTYL!


4 thoughts on “Fostering My Green

  1. never even thought of it, but now that you have posted about it, I will have to try it. Lettuce in the garden isn’t doing much, maybe I should try growing it from a scrap!


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  3. That’s brilliant! You should try growing Bok Choi from seed, though. It’s easy and super-fast, and can be harvested young (soooo tasty!!). That way you can do successive sowings – harvest and then immediately pop another seed in where the plant has been for a continuous supply. 🙂 xx


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