And so it begins again…

One hundred, fifty-three days. To Christmas that is, well, Christmas Eve for our family.

I recently realized December is a hop and a skip away. Whaaat? I have a scarf on the needles, not to mention a shawl. In addition, I found my BFF’s 40th infinity finally after it got tired of hide-and-seek. You know how anxious I get having so many WIPs about.

However, giving is a must and I always give with love. And I do have all this yarn around…

I first thought of my brother’s kids who also have December birthdays. I wanted to knit my baby nephew something as this aunty hasn’t done so yet. But I wasn’t sure I was going to knit the firstborn anything. After going through my Ravelry library & favorites + Pinterest boards, I found a pattern!

Yes, not patterns with an s, but singular. In the spirit of Mrs. Weasley, I settled on Tin Can Knits’ Flax. Why? It’s free and comes in multiple sizes. Wouldn’t it be cute to see brother and sister in matching jumpers? However, I’d knit them in different colors.

That had me digging in my worsted weight stash. For RyRy, I found this:


Madelinetosh Vintage in Celadon. It’s hard to capture its true color. It’s more like these pieces of Korean pottery. There is white and glimpses of grey throughout the yarn. I love it!

So here’s my progress since yesterday afternoon:


I’m knitting the 1-2 years size. I’m halfway through the raglan increases. The pattern is easy to follow if you want to knit a simple pullover.

As for Randa’s slated yarn…you’re just going to have to wait until I get to hers.


7 thoughts on “And so it begins again…

  1. Yikes you are so right about Christmas being just around the corner! Flax is a great choice for that gorgeous yarn. I love that the pattern is unisex and sized from baby to adult. That is very unusual to see nowadays.


  2. Flax is on my to-knit list for this Christmas too. I’m also planning to make a couple matchy-matchy ones. 😉 I hope I’ll have time! I’m just about ready to cast on another Gramps from Tincanknits too. I love their patterns!


  3. As I walked this morning I was thinking about Christmas gifts and while I have a few already complete I am a long way from being done. I start knitting for Christmas in January and still run out of time 🙂
    I love the look of Flax and knitting one in different colors for each sibling is a great idea.


  4. Christmas in July girl, you got me nervous, but you’re a smarty pants! I love the yarn, Celadon just brings smiles to my face, the word/color. Anyhow, I just discovered Tincan knits and here is another lovely. Wishing you happy knitting. There will be a lot of love in your gifts as always.


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