Childhood Magic

Do you remember your childhood imagination?

I do. I remember back in the day before all these innovations, my cousin and I used to make household items for our Barbies out of what we had.

We have an unused fountain in our backyard. I had intended for it to be my herb garden, but there isn’t enough sunshine in that corner. So I told Princess Cupcake and Princess Jellybean that they could use the three tiers for their faerie garden.

This duo wanted me to post my photos today:

1. Faerie House


I found this pin on Pinterest. Our popsicle sticks were too big so we used Woodsies that were probably purchased at Michael’s long ago for cupcake toppers. Building it yesterday reminded me how hot the glue gun gets.

This fairy house still needs a paint job.

2. Faerie Swing


I helped Princess Jellybean stabilize this swing this afternoon with the hot glue gun. The frame is from sticks they found in our backyard. The swing seat is a piece of mulch. And I believe the yarn is leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

3. Faerie Well


This was the funnest project of the garden so far! The girls stocked up on rocks at their Bella’s house earlier this afternoon when we were up in the city. Jellybean cut off a piece of the tube from a paper towel roll. I hot glue-gunned the rocks into place with the little one directing me the order of their placement. The rest of the materials are thin sticks and leaves. I squeezed dots of glue on the sticks to keep the leaves from going down any further and from coming off the top. Cupcake gave me two beads for decoration on top.

4. Arbor Entrance


Princes Cupcake constructed this herself and put those flower buds there along with the rocks. She’s waiting for the Rocky Road ice cream to be consumed so she can use the tub as a faerie ice cream house for that spot.

5. Bird Baths


Yesterday, the dames were pinning away on Pinterest on my Fairy Garden board. The two found this pin for the birdbath idea. These bird baths were obviously made from plastic, Easter eggs. You see them by Woodsies fencing that needs to be painted.


Well, that’s all folks for now. When more is created, I’ll post again. Hope you enjoyed the princesses’ creativity. And I hope you had a personal trip back down memory lane when imagination ruled the days of your childhood.


11 thoughts on “Childhood Magic

  1. I had many cardboard Barbie houses :). I use to spend hours playing Barbie!

    My Grandkids and I have made three FairyGnome gardens this summer. We are making ladders right now to connect the three. It is so fun! We have some homemade things and some things I stumbled upon, on sale, at Joanne Fabrics.

    Another idea for you and your gals is to start a collection box of materials to use during the winter months or rainy days. My grands are constantly running in and throwing something something they have found in our box. “I don’t know what it can be Gram, but I will think of something!”


  2. Ok, this puts the dinosaurs in our fairy garden to shame! I love the wishing well!!!! and the bird bath!


  3. What a cute project. Every summer we used to build houses for our dolls – tiny 4″ baby dolls, but I can’t remember what range they were from – in our grandmother’s back porch. Looking back she was so patient leaving all the paraphernalia in place between our visits.


  4. Love! Especially the Arbor Entrance with the little flower buds and the Well. I want to do something similar in my garden. This reminds me of my childhood obsession with all things miniature. I still have quite a collection of tiny doll furniture and kitchen utensils. Even hand sewn “quilts”. Such fun!


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