And we’re feelin’ good…

Annyeong haseyo! I am runnin’ on adrenaline. This morning I ran 2.18 miles (10 laps) around the park while the girls played. There were times I wanted to quit or even stop halfway through but I kept myself going. I am very proud of myself as my running goal right now is 2 mi.

My dames read your comments on their posts earlier this morning. Here are their reactions:

Dear Readers,

Thank you to all who have commented on my post. I agree with you, turquoise is one of my favorite colors. You can have proof by looking at my room. Now, yes I have tried wooden needles. The thing about them is that the plastic thing that you put your project on once your done knitting is very long and bothers me. Thank you again for commenting. I luv you all. Mwah Mwah!


Princess Cupcake

Dear Readers,

Thank for commenting on my post. Your comments made me feel happy. I like Shimmering Rainbow too.

Good-bye everyone.

Yours Truly,

Princess Jellybean



2 thoughts on “And we’re feelin’ good…

  1. Nice job on the exercise. I love the idea of all the girls in the household having some out and about activity time. It’s hard, but it really feels good on the inside at the very least having completed a bit, right?

    I think it’s so sweet how they wrote back. I felt like I could see the princesses waving to us. Enjoy your weekend.


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