Off the Hinges

Remember this post? Well guess what?

I just found another recipe to top that. It was off the hinges!



See that pork shoulder/butt roast? About 3.68 lbs. slowly cooked in the oven.

I thought I had to slice it like the last, pork recipe. N-o-p-e.

I grabbed it with the tongs and ho dang, it started falling apart! I could even break it apart with my fork.

The sauce is flavorful and perfect to make dirty rice if you make rice with this. I cooked Trader Joe’s whole wheat couscous. Look, I may be Asian but I do get tired of rice, okay? Instead of water I used organic, vegetable broth. After the couscous is done soaking up the broth mixture, I stir in 2 Tbsp. of EVOO, freshly grated pepper, lemon zest, and the juice of the lemon.

If you think pork fat rules, then you’ve got to make this balsamic, beer braised pork roast.

I’m out.


3 thoughts on “Off the Hinges

  1. I’m sorry, I had a total LOL moment when you said the part about being Asian and getting sick of rice.

    One of the things we’ve found ourselves eating a ton more of since we moved here three years ago is rice……instead of the Midwestern Irish staple of potatoes. Mostly because it’s better for us than the potatoes……..and it’s not that I dislike rice but sometimes, I just want my huge pile of potatoes. ::sigh::


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