A Little Participation This Summer

Are you on Ravelry a lot? I’m usually not, but I’ve made many wonderful friends on there.

One is Carol E. Herman. She lives up in Oregon and started designing almost a year ago. You can find her Ravelry page of designs here. She has her own group and while skimming the discussion page, I saw they’re going to have a mini, summer swap!

It’s called, “Summer Spa Swap.” You knit a washcloth and mail it off to your swap partner with a handmade bar of soap. When I read about all of this, I thought to myself, I can handle that. I have two somewhat long-term projects going on and I’ve been feeling a bit restless for instant gratification.

So while I can’t show much to you until the package has been received in a couple of weeks, I can show you this: IMG_20150710_142105

The tween helped me pick out this happy, summer color at JoAnn’s. The color is Mod Blue. I have pattern that’s been sitting in my library for a couple of years that I think will pair wonderfully with it. I’m really excited to start this today.

Today’s late morning was all about running around for three hours. This WIP will help me decompress after I get my run in.

How are you going to decompress on this Friday?


8 thoughts on “A Little Participation This Summer

  1. I love the idea of the summer spa swap! My mother just asked me to knit her a few dish cloths. I have the yarn coming. I get a little weird when people make requests. I’m going to decompress today with a dinner with some old work friends and then … knit with my boys on the couch! xoxo


  2. I just really looked at your header image and I love it! Such a cute composition! Summer spa swap sounds like fun! I love making washcloths and soap. I wonder if it’s too late to join lol. That blue is so pretty!


    • Mahalo, Carol. That is sweet of you. Your group is the only one I check up on since joining the swap. Hope to get the package out today. Taking the girls up to the city to their Bella’s.


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