Tween Guest Blogger

Good afternoon folks. Today Princess Cupcake will be my guest blogger.

Turning it over to the tween…

My project is the Turquoise Ocean. It is a simple garter knit scarf that I’m planning to turn into a cowl.


I have been knitting this since a few weeks ago. I stopped for a break since the yarn had a giant knot and I gave up untangling it. My progress has multiplied in numbers when I started knitting non-stop. My ball of yarn is now very small.

I plan to buy another ball of yarn once I’m done with this one. I hope that no mistakes or knots will get in my path. Unfortunately, since I’m an amateur knitter myself I can’t really stop that from happening.

My straight needles are very useful. They don’t get in my way when I am knitting, they are easy to use, and it’s much easier to start anew row. There is one thing that bothers me though, the slipperiness. Sometimes my stitches fall off and I have to try to save them from doom (actually my doom). If you don’t count that offensive note to straight needles, then everything else is fine.

Since this pattern is so easy, I plan to learn pearling soon. Although, striping might be a bit easier as well.

That concludes my summary of my project, the Turquoise Ocean. Thank You.


9 thoughts on “Tween Guest Blogger

  1. I love the color! Your stitches are looking nice and even to. It should make a beautiful cowel! Thank you for being the guest blogger. Job well done! I look forward to your post!


  2. Such a great post Princess Cupcake. I think your knitting looks great and I love your choice of yarn colors, that is one of my favorite colors. I look forward to seeing future projects that you create.
    As to the slipperiness of your needles, have your tried wooden needles? They have a little more grip to them that might help you keep the yarn on the needles better.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and have fun knitting.


  3. What a fantastic post! Your scarf is coming along so nicely – your knitting looks nice and even. I’m wondering if you’re planning on adding fringe or tassels once you’re done?


  4. Great post as you talked about color, texture, your feelings on the subject (you are becoming accomplished with knitting on straight needles, yay!) and included visuals. I cannot see the turquoise color on this iPad for some reason, so next time I am at the computer I’ll check in again to see Turquoise Ocean.

    Are you thinking you might have your own blog sometime soon? You might post about what you are learning in school, and it would be a way to “cement” lessons in your mind.

    Congratulations on a fine post, Princess.


  5. It looks like a great scarf to me, I love the colour you chose. When you’re done please share a picture of you wearing it Princess :o)


  6. Excellent work! The color you’ve chosen is quite lovely. I hope you continue to enjoy knitting. There are always dropped stitches of doom or knots or tangles or forgetting where you are or new things to learn. But if you have fun … it’s all worth it. You’re lucky you have a wonderful mentor to help you out if/when you need it. Knit Happy! Happy Summer Vacation to you and your family!


  7. Thank you for writing about your beautiful cowl in progress, Princess Cupcake! I love the color (my favorite, by the way) and your stitches are so even. Don’t worry about dropping stitches or making mistakes because that’s how you learn. I hope that you continue to enjoy knitting. I am looking forward to your next post 🙂


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