Come Hot or Humid

Living in a new climate zone has been an experience for us as we, San Franciscans, are not used to actual summer weather.

Come hot or humid, I cook no matter what! Frying is how I grill:


Have you had mochiko chicken before? It is sweet yums.

I used this recipe I found on Pinterest. You can find mochiko flour in your local, grocery store. Koda Farms is the brand I always buy.

When you have Japanese meat, there must be sushi rice. I used molds to make these:


This little bear mold my mum used to use when my brother and I were kids.

Below is from the standard onigiri or musabi mold:


What did you have for dinner?

What do you like to fry?


6 thoughts on “Come Hot or Humid

  1. I made Greek Shrimp Sautè with Orzo pasta. I can’t remember where I found the recipe but it’s so frickin’ easy to make, and I’m good with easy 🙂


  2. That looks good. I think I need to get some Sushi rice. It’s been a while, and I forget what an excellent addition it is to the table.

    What do you think of this bizarre July sprinkle set we are getting? It’s not sprinkles, it’s spitty wind. So odd!


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