Childhood Skill – Check!

Yesterday evening – 02 July 2015

After two weeks of gaining her balance on her bike with pedals off, Princess Jellybean mastered another childhood skill!

blog post 1

She is immensely proud of herself. In a video I got of this little one, she exclaims, “I’m rockin’ this!”

While her older sister took a turn, my baby’s little head was boppin’ along while chanting, “I got it. I got it. I got it.”

Forward to today.

After visiting two stores, a beater bike was picked up for Princess Cupcake who did not quite have her balance yet.

Well guess what? The tween was determined to not be left behind!

blog post 2

How’d we spend our afternoon today?

Ridin’. We are officially, a full-fledged biking family!









3 thoughts on “Childhood Skill – Check!

  1. Your girls did really good! You know with city living it’s hard to find the time and place to learn to ride safely. Mine didn’t learn till he was 10. He still doesn’t ride unless we go out to my Dad’s in the suburbs. And there he says, the riding is fun an less scary.


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