Camuse Progress

I greet you from this day of 91 degrees. The dames and I already hit the playgrounds for PE earlier this morning so right now we are staying inside to keep cool.

Progress has been made with the Camuse yarn:


(Pssst, don’t you love our spicy red, living room/dining area accent wall?)

I’ve knitted up to the 38th row. I’ve got 123 stitches on the size 3 circular.

Most likely my gauge is smaller than the pattern. When I started, I was worried about not having enough yarn. I should be fine *fingers crossed in the background*.

My fabric looks a bit wrinkly since this portion of the yarn from the spool is part of the frogged beanie. However, this yarn feels wonderful while being knitted up.

Susan’s Pioneer Girl pattern is easy to follow. I find the set up for the future, lace edging clever.

I hope you’re having a lovely day.

Off to knit.



5 thoughts on “Camuse Progress

  1. I was about to type ‘Wow, that’s hot’, but then I realised that the 33C we hit today is much the same, and way too warm for me. It’s too hot to knit too. I don’t know if you have AC but temps this high are unusual in the UK so very few people have it here and we’re not among them.


  2. Blocking fixes everything with lace! Enjoy your day and your beautiful weather! We’re unseasonably cold and set for another day of rain and thunderstorms. We’ve set records for rainfall amounts in June and it looks like July is off to a similar start!


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