In the spirit of Ice Cube, “Today (is) a good day”:

The keiki played at two playgrounds to their heart’s content.

This mum warmed up her Fitbit (The Big Kahuna found it and I’ve ended its hiatus from last October.) and got her cardio on.

Gear is a must:


1. Baseball Cap

Now that I’m older my skin has shown sun damage from previous years of not being vigilant about sunscreen. You bet now I’m slappin’ that stuff on every time I’m out in the sun.

2. Running Shoes

I finally got smart and own the right running shoes for my feet. For some time, my feet have always ached even in Nike’s. When I researched how to pick running shoes, I discovered I actually have high arches via the wet test. The light bulb went on.

So with solid, Nordstrom customer service, I purchased these Asics that have super comfort especially for my arches. I had tried on two pairs. These felt the best.

3. Running Belt

I finally bought one of these off of Amazon. When the keiki and I started venturing out, I realized how much I needed a running belt, especially when the three of us were at the park. You know us mums, we gotta carry this and that.

So today I used it while jogging the perimeter of the play structure. I got this idea from my cousin who had told me he walks circles around the playground while his kids are playing. I jogged five laps around one structure, walked two, and then jogged another two to three laps. We switched playground areas so at the  second structure, I walked a lap and then jogged two to three. While I had to carry my phone, car key, house key, and garage opener, this running belt was actually light weight while positioned at my back.

Sixty percent of my step goal was knocked out just at our outing today. I’m over the active minutes goal and I’m more than halfway over the mile goal.

Like I said, today is a good day.



3 thoughts on “Gear

  1. If I didn’t have the baby with me when we were at the park, I’d probably be okay with running around, too……but small babies in non-jogging strollers are not a good combination with running. Perhaps walking, though….


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