You decided!

Thank you for participating in my poll. I believe I’ve never had so many respond before.

The poll results are in:


You decided! I will frog the beanie, Camuse Simplicity, and cast on a shawl today *fist pump*.

This morning, I started early on my Bloglovin’ feed while waiting for the Sears repairman. I was happy to read Susan B. Anderson is having a sale on three of her patterns here. One of them is Pioneer Girl, inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder. You bet I snapped up a copy!

What’s one of the best deals you’ve snapped up?


3 thoughts on “You decided!

  1. I don’t know if I’d call them “deals” but when Knitcircus Yarns and Vice Yarns were doing their kickstarters, I hopped on those. I also did Anzula’s IndieGoGo 🙂

    Also, I may or may not have ordered four books on Amazon this afternoon…


  2. Your shawl is going to be just stunning.
    I am still working on my shawl, just taking my time since it is blistering hot here and I won’t need any wool for months yet.
    Have you seen Brooklyn Tweeds new lookbook? I want to cast on everything!


  3. Saw the SBA new pattern from your link…cute. I might get that one, too. Her kit was quite pricey, $132 or so, if I recall from a moment ago. For a couple of hanks of wool? Maybe I read it incorrectly, but she seems to be pricing the fingering weight quite dearly.


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