The Winter of the Rocky Mountain

Is that another Princess Cupcake project title creation? You bet.

You know, it feels a bit weird to just be monogamous to one WIP. I am itchin’ to start another, but that may come tomorrow. Anywho, in spite of this, I have made tremendous progress *claps hands*:


I believe last week I had about seven repeats of the four-rowed pattern. This week, you see at least 18 repeats!

Can I tell you how much I love working with this yarn?


It’s like hugging a sheep or an alpaca!

And I love how this pattern is easy to memorize. There’s something about knitting from memory. While I use my BeeCount app to keep track of the row I’m on, all I have to focus on is the feel of the yarn through my fingers and the soothing motions of Continental knitting.

What project is bringing you joy right now?


3 thoughts on “The Winter of the Rocky Mountain

  1. That is so pretty and soft looking–it looks like a soothing knit. I am still working on Rosie’s Tiny Dress–but want to cast on something new in the worse way!


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