Imagine playing hide-and-seek.

Uh for almost one year and a little over 11 months!

When the husband took me to a Stitch-n-Pitch Giants game in June 2013 with sweet seats by the bullpen, I started a beanie. But somehow after that it hid. I thought maybe I lost it, unique yarn I could never buy again as the business that sold it closed. I was so bummed.

While packing the last week of May I ran across this Yarn Pop project bag on the top shelf of my closet:

I said to myself, “What’s in here?”

Well, ya look at that!


Camuse Simplicity is finally found! I swear I looked all over for this beanie project.


65% camel, 35% cashmere

Light Fingering, 520 yards

Now the only thing to think about is should I finish the beanie or should I frog and maybe make a shawl in this delicious yarn?

What do you think? Participation time! Vote below:

You have one week to click your two cents.


5 thoughts on “Hide-and-Seek

  1. Artfibers. I wondered what happened to that, too….I remember you starting it. Oh well. You found it…..but now it’s time to make something lovely and grand 🙂 So, I picked “FROG IT” and so on and so forth 🙂


  2. I’m sure I’d be a great beanie, but I voted shawl, because it will just shine more. And you can use the whole lot for one great big whopping shawl if you want to, while with the beanie you’d be left with a bit of yarn that isn’t going to be useful for any larger project.

    In any case, though, I’ll look forward to seeing the FO! 🙂


  3. Camel & cashmere sounds soo dreamy and soft! I love a good shawl, but I bet that would look lovely as a hat and soft too!

    I love that project bag!


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