To soothe a frogging.


What is left of Coral Reef *sighs*:


After 80 rounds of leg, I tried the sock on. It was a struggle. It felt tight by the cuff and I could barely get my foot through down the tube and through the tripod of needles. I even had the tween try it on whose foot is smaller than mine by a couple of sizes. She also had a hard time.

I emailed Lynn of Minding My Own Stitches. I consider her to be the ultimate sock knitting expert. I learned European sock yarns can be inflexible. After reading her email, I made the decision to frog. I’ve knitted a swatch the in-the-round way to soak and block today.

So to soothe my soul, I somehow started thinking about this yarn – Cascade Eco Duo in colorway 1701/Zebra. It’s been difficult to find the right pattern for it. It’s kind of stripy. After looking at past projects in it, I didn’t want to knit up a two-toned pelt. I wanted the fabric to open up a bit so I thought maybe a simple, lace pattern would work.

Back in the city, one of my former, knitting group mates usually worked upon a feather and fan, charity blanket. I’ve been wanting to knit that stitch pattern for some time so I thought that would pair with this merino/alpaca: :


I’m using this free pattern from Ravelry. It doesn’t look like much as the fabric’s a bit scrunched up. However, I think after a good blocking, this scarf will open up wonderfully in the end.



I have 394 yards to get through. Obviously, this will take a while.

What lengthy project (anything) are you working upon right now?


6 thoughts on “To soothe a frogging.

  1. Well, boo on that coral reef. What a disappointment, sorry friends. But the new project looks promising.

    Sad when an experienced knitter like yourself runs into trouble. Keeps us humble, right?

    I am knitting on size one needles the reticule, a book cover. It is kind of an antiquated purse like thing with cables. Will keep my mind busy and I do need to get back to journaling.


  2. Pooh, I was afraid that this is where it was heading! Sorry! The feather and fan looks lovely – I like the way the yarn is striping!


  3. The feather and fan pattern works so well with that lovely Cascade yarn. I’m working on endless rounds of stockinette in the Boxy sweater. Only 3-4 inches on 390 stitches until I divide for sleeves.


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