2,920 Days

Princess Jellybean set the agenda today since she’s officially 8 years old:

smaller pixeled


Pitch Perfect 2 *heart* with a kid-sized, popcorn snack set.

Jamba Juice for this 84 degrees day.

Dessert tonight from a local bakery:


Flavors (l-r): Carrot, lemon, chocolate chip, and red velvet.

What would be your agenda for your special day?


6 thoughts on “2,920 Days

  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!
    How was the movie? I loved the
    first one.
    I think I would be in trouble if I had your
    bakery close by, those desserts look


  2. What a sweetheart, and 8 is a great age. Many adventures ahead. The cakes look delish on your platter. Happy Birthday, Jellybean.


  3. Happy Birthday Jellybean!
    That sounds like a sweet agenda. We just celebrated D turning 5 over the weekend and then reminisced about how the importance of a birthday sadly diminishes with age.. the agenda grows smaller.. my son was shocked when my husband had to go to work on his own birthday! I miss those days when we counted down to our birthdays months in advance. eekk.. didn’t plan on being such a downer..


  4. Happy Birthday to PJB! I hope she enjoyed PP2 as much as The Kid and I did. I feel like you and yours always make things special, even for not such special days. It’s very sweet.


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