My Rainforest of the Sea

Suburban life is wonderful. I love how the stores we frequent are nearby. I love how the people here are low-key. The neighborhood we moved into is quiet and full of terrific residents.

My daughters have made friends with the boy across the street. They’ve been playing with one another since last week. Each time while these three romp about, I am usually taking watch. What am I to do then for the one to two hours?

I haven’t touched knitting needles since the twelfth of April. Recently, we got acquainted again. The type of project I chose was influenced by these ladies:


Minding My Own Stitches

My Sister’s Knitter


What do Hege, Lynn, Andi, and Karen have in common? Obviously yarn. But besides the obvious, s-o-c-k-s. Whenever I read their blogs, there is sock knitting going on!

I bought these Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Double Pointed Needles in size 0 (2mm each) some time ago:


I had bought them to try to have tighter results with cuff down socks as my first three pairs are loose. They’re super light and easy to knit with this Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Stile, colorway 8010. My gauge is about 9 stitches per inch so that is a good sign. I’ll try it on after I get more done on the leg:


When I asked Princess Cupcake, “What does blue, orange, and purple remind you of? She responded, “A coral Reef.” As I love ocean life, this was perfect. I like having my own little rainforest of the sea.

Can I tell you how good it feels to knit again? I feel balanced and content.

What project right now is making you feel balanced and content?


9 thoughts on “My Rainforest of the Sea

  1. those are some wonderful sock colors.
    i am working fervently on the finishing touches for D’s birthday.. and every project i finish and D exclaims a wow i feel content.. balance i am still working on.


  2. I picked up my Wink sweater for the first time in weeks….on the hottest day of the year (so far). But it’s only the collar band so it’s not like I was picking up anything too big. Also, I’ve got a dishcloth going…and socks…and maybe other things. Whatever 🙂


  3. I have been wanting to get a set of those needles, I’ve heard good things.
    I love sock knitting and have a pair that is just waiting to be finished, first up
    is to get Aise’ off the needles, it’s been too long.
    Glad you like your new neighborhood!


  4. So glad to hear you are knitting! I’ve actually just picked up the crochet flower curtain that I feel I’ve been working in forever! I haven’t knit in quit a bit as well but only because I’ve had other projects going on. Glad to hear you are also adjusting to the move!


  5. I hope that everyone is adjusting to the new house. Sounds like the move went smoothly. Love the color of your socks. So good to see you knitting again. It really is a stress reliever.


  6. I love everything about this post! And like you my gauge is a little bit tighter with Karbonz … maybe because they’re a bit slipperier than my usual Black Thorn carbon fibre needles? Very pretty sock yarn. And it’s official, Princess Cupcake is in charge of naming yarns and patterns from now on! Awesome!


  7. Love hearing how you are all enjoying your new home. Sounds so wonderful.
    Yay socks! Princess Cupcake did an excellent job of naming.


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