Packing Tips that Work

Becoming a home owner has made us experience and learn a few things. First was painting. Next was moving.

Scouring Pinterest was a helpful tool in learning how to pack efficiently. These tips worked for me:

#1: Clothes

With a family of four you know there is an insane amount of clothes to pack. For drawer clothes, I learned using all available luggages is helpful. One efficient way to lay out clothes in a luggage is to lay out each item flat as best as you can.

Not only do we have clothes in our dressers, we also have garments hanging in the closets. Using garbage bags is a simple way to transport these articles. I separated them into groups. Each group was slipped into a bag and then their hangers were secured together with a rubber band.


#2: Cups

If had I thought it through better, I could have asked a fellow parent who worked at Trader Joe’s if they had any available wine or bottle boxes. Luckily at Home Depot, there was a cup kit. My smart honey thought to store the spices in these slots as well:


Note: You have to buy a medium box for the kit.

One tip I used was placing each cup into a paper bag and then pushing down the ends into the cup. We had a whole bunch of paper, lunch bags around forever so this was helpful for me as I didn’t have to go out and buy some.


#3: Plates

While using foam plates are a great tip for cushioning plates, the husband had already picked up a plate kit. It consists of foam sleeves for large plates and for small ones besides cardboard sections to divvy up a box in different ways. I ran out of the small ones, so I used Self-Stick Furniture Wrap to cushion the rest:


While right now I don’t plan on moving again, I’ll be interested in knowing what packing methods have worked for you.


2 thoughts on “Packing Tips that Work

  1. When we did the big move from Wisconsin to California 3 years ago, things had to be packed up really well and there were some things I let our moving company pack because of insurance reasons (including my spinning wheel, my grandmother’s accordion, and basically all of our kitchen stuff). I never found anything broken, which is fabulous. I used the dish packers for the dishes (our good dishes). I also used clothing to pack around other breakable items when I ran out of the packaging material. Bubble wrap was also my friend. We had to have everything in boxes for our move. All of the boxes were labeled with the room they came out of (which was usually the room they were going into – Master Bedroom, Little Man’s room, bathroom, etc.). It was helpful when we couldn’t find certain things (like our spice rack).


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