A Bit of Time Today

Hi! Settling in is a slow process with working with what we have and figuring out where to place things. The kitchen cabinets are now filled after two days of unpacking. I still have appliances and baking supplies that need space. I hope to find a nice, wire rack later on after we paint the kitchen to house these items that remain in boxes.

Today was about multitasking – tackling laundry and unpacking clothes in the master bedroom. Before moving in, the husband and I would sleep on the air mattress in the master bedroom (the meditative blue room). I didn’t like sleeping under the rectangular window because I could feel the cold coming down and there isn’t a lot of light in that area. So the two of us thought to switch places with the office (the medium blue room) because I liked the light coming in from the window and sliding doors. Unfortunately, the medium blue room is not wide enough to house the bedroom furniture; sigh, I do love waking up to that blue though. Plan B is to switch to the meditative blue area. I hope to be able to have our bed come out from the wall that is shared with the master bathroom and fit the nightstands on each side along with having the dresser at the foot of bed. Cross your fingers for us!

With one task checked off, I felt I had a bit of time today to post.

On our last weekend visit during Memorial Weekend, I tried out a new recipe here that definitely makes you eat with your eyes. It came out flavorful and was a hit with the whole family. This meal brought back memories of many meals at Chevy’s when it used to be at Stonestown Mall in the city.

One addition that I made was homemade tortilla chips! I cut up whole wheat tortillas into halves and then triangles. I seasoned all with salt and added pepper to one half as my little one doesn’t like pepper:


I’ve forgotten how much better they are. It was easier to eat the fajita contents with the chips than with whole tortillas.

This is an example of a princess serving:


Each daughter enjoyed making her own mini, fajita pizzas. Some of us had sour cream to add on top as well. From the tween: “It was yummy and easy to eat.”


4 thoughts on “A Bit of Time Today

  1. The fajitas look yummy. Smart tortilla idea.

    Let us know about the blue room and how that turns out.


  2. My fingers are crossed that you work on the bedroom issues. How fun though to be setting up a new home and while I know it can be stressful I hope you enjoy yourself.
    I think my guys would love the recipe you linked to and will put it on my menu for next week.
    Have a great day!


  3. ooo yummy that looks very tasty.

    Hope you’re able to sort your room out the way you want it. When we moved into our house DH downloaded a program that allowed him to make a plan of our house after getting the measurements of the rooms and then place little images of our furniture around so he could work out how to fit everything in. He had lots of fun with it lol. I prefer to be in the room and move the furniture around myself


  4. Oh my, I have some catching up to do! I had no idea you moved…how you had time to blog is amazing. I pinned the fajita recipe and the homemade tortilla chips….yum! Thank you!


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