Math Fun

Princess Jellybean brought home a Harcourt Math worksheet on which she had received a check plus. We tried out the fun math on her sister and me. I thought it was pretty cool that it works for anyone. Give it a try!

Here’s what you need to do:

TOOLS: Use a calculator, or scratch paper and pencil, toes and fingers are permitted.

1. Write the number of the month you were born.

2. Multiply that by four.

3. Now add unlucky “13” (that’s both hands and 3 toes).

4. Multiply this number by twenty-five.

5. Subtract 200.

6. Add your birth date (day of the month).

7. Double that.

8. Subtract 40.

9. Multiply by 50.

10. Add the last two digits of your birth year…the truth.

11. Think of a number between 10,499 & 10,501 and subtract it.

Did you get it?

^__^ Answer in the comment section.


4 thoughts on “Math Fun

  1. I think something went wrong for me, the day and month were right but it ended in a 14, and I’m neither in my 101st year nor my 1st! Neat trick though 🙂


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