A Way to Say Thank You

While I mostly knit and crochet with yarn, I do dabble in other areas of the craft world.

Paper is a small fascination. If I don’t have many to give, I will try to make cards. So to thank the family members who sponsored the princesses for their last walk-a-thon up here, I decided to step up my game in the card arena. I thought about how I had sent off simple, thank you cards for the Christmas gifts and how the envelope presentation was a bit ghetto, mostly because USPS has sent my mail off elsewhere or even back to me.

These are the supplies I initially started with:


1. Square-shaped, cardstock paper – patterned on one side + plain colors

2. Shape punches

3. Glue dots

4. Sharpies, ultra thin

5. An envelope taken apart

6. Scissor

7. Pencil

8. Fiskars paper-cutter

9. Rectangular cardstock

10. Scrap paper

I got to work after seeing some Pinterest ideas like this one:


1. I used that envelope template to trace out envelopes on the large, patterned paper and each was then cut out.

2. I used that brown, scrap paper – traced from the inside of the envelope template – to help determine where to fold the envelope pieces. I used glue dots to secure the edges together. However, I didn’t have glue strong enough to seal the envelopes for their final mailing so I used washi tape that wasn’t paper material.

3. I used a rectangular cardstock to trace out mirror ones in the patterned cardstock.

4. I used the Martha Stewart circular punch to punch out those colored circles.

5. I used the small, purple circle punch to punch out the white circles.

Ready to assemble, right?


First off, this is the very first time I’ve ventured into hardcore, card making. While designing a beanie takes me minutes, this project took me days to think about how I wanted each card to look outside. When I put together a sample, I was totally dissatisfied with it. It just seemed like a flat stack of paper.

So I went back to Pinterest and studied handmade cards on there. I noticed there is usually something textured besides color. So I went back to the craft store and picked up these:


1. A sheet of textured cardstock.

2. 3-D Squares that aren’t too thick.

These materials worked perfectly! Before I reveal my design, I have to mention the dilemma I had run into: With having accomplished the outside, what the heck do I put on the inside?

My original thought was to have the girls write brief notes. However, time was running out because I had just finished up PTA biz and needed to start purging before our move. I didn’t want to go out and buy more materials.

I first tried to use Word and type a few sentences into a shape like this idea. Unfortunately, the visual effect didn’t come out like that because I didn’t have enough text. So then I saw this idea. To somewhat mimic that diecut shape, I used Word’s parentheses and the straight line tool to make these:


The outer sides are the parentheses and the straight line was used for the top and bottom. I then typed a few sentences of personal text inside. I printed them out on the colored, square cardstock and then cut them out.

Here is a sample of what was sent out a little over a week ago:


Not bad, huh? I need to add here that last minute I came up with those little, white flags (strips cut out with the Fiskar and pointed ends with a scissor) because I had realized that with printed cardstock, those words wouldn’t show up well.

I know for sure, my mum was impressed with this crafting.

Do any of you own a Cricut or a Cuttlebug? If so, how do you like it?


5 thoughts on “A Way to Say Thank You

  1. Not bad? I think they are fantastic, I love them. You are really quite talented.
    I don’t have a Cricut, but I have a sister who does, she is a huge scrapbooker.
    Have fun.


  2. they’re cute, I like the different colours you’ve used. I go through phases of making cards. At the moment it feels like a lot of effort but I’d like to find my mojo for it again 🙂


  3. Your cards turned out great and finally someone showed you could create something so cute without having and expensive machine to help you! LOL! Those cards are darling! I’ve tried and I’m not very creative plus I mostly craft to utilize what i have and so it doesn’t always turn out so cute, like yours. Thank you for the tips and techniques too. I do have an envelope template but aren’t you smart to use another envelope…..why didn’t I think of that? I also have a special envelope glue which works really good. You go girl! I would also be interested in knowing more about the crafting “machines” that are on the market and what they do or don’t do. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. The cards turned out wonderful! So impressed with the whole process of creating them. Love how you were able to improvise with what you had. And Cricut/Cuttlebug !?! Now I need to investigate this whole scrapbooking/papercrafting world more closely.


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