Evelyn of The Soaring Sheep is fond of color. Each of her fiber projects has zing. She’s been doing some redecorating herself in her home such as here. Her comment on last Saturday’s post was this: “oooo exciting! Do we get to see before/after photos?” You made me smile, girl!

As you know, most houses on the market are painted neutral inside. When E and I bought our home, I was determined to put our stamp on it. He was not keen on painting but I told him I wanted to personalize our house to make it ours.

I am so not decorator-inclined. I tell people that the decorating – framed pictures and collages – that’s been done in our apartment was by my mum after she started watching Nate Berkus. I spent hours on Sherwin-Willliams’ site using its Color Visualizer feature. However, I had to pick out similar colors (Clark & Kensington) when the husband decided to patronize an ACE Hardware store instead.

^__^ Project Personalization in effect!

The walls were in this off-white, neutral color:

kitchen paint mixer

You see here the paint sample for the kitchen – Ocean Blues. I originally wanted a neutral kitchen with a red wall because when E bought me my first, Kitchen Aid mixer, he got me the red one. However after browsing on Pinterest and Houzz, I saw examples of white kitchen cabinets, which we have, against light blue kitchen walls and red accents. It clicked! So this is our project for this coming Memorial Day weekend.

Now back to Evelyn’s request…

I decided to paint the princesses’ rooms first because they knew what they wanted in terms of color.

Jellybean wanted pink:

IMG_3702 - Copy

I recently learned a decorator’s element – chair rail – from the paint man at ACE.

My friend, E, gave me the idea of painting a lighter pink on the top and then a darker one on the bottom. The baby picked Boutique Chic for the top and Pink Grapefruit on the bottom. The plain wall was painted in the latter. When we first got each color onto the walls, oh boy did they look bright! I’m glad the paint faded some as they dried.

Cupcake wanted turquoise:

IMG_3694 - Copy

She chose Art Deco Dreams and loves it.

For the master bedroom I chose this blue:

IMG_3689 - Copy

We have some sheet sets that are striped with blue. I originally thought a gray but there are sheets that are greige or beige. I picked this Marina Blue. I didn’t want the blue to be too dark, nor too light. I figured this medium would work well with other shades of blue.

As good as these photos look, E and I do have some touch up to do on the ceilings and on the trim. We have textured walls and ceilings so there was some bleeding and well, some boo boos.

Many of you saw a peek of Tender Blue. It’s for the office:

IMG_3687 - Copy

This was the best photo I could get as not much light gets into that space. The two of us tried out a technique of using a thin line of caulk to seal the tape. But it only worked in some places, mostly the trim as that’s flat. The husband loves it and finds it very meditative.

Sunday, the rest of the room had to be painted so E and I tried out a striping technique I found on Pinterest to have cleaner lines. We got this:

IMG_3699 - Copy

*fist pump*

Not bad, huh? If only I had thought to try it in the beginning. *shrugs* Oh well, it’s a learning process for painting newbies, right?

Besides, our bedroom closets aren’t painted yet. I intend to stripe Jellybean and Cupcake’s closets using this new-found technique. That will be fun!

Have you painted/repainted any rooms in your home? If so, which one(s) and what was your experience like?


5 thoughts on “Personalize!

  1. Ooooooooo wow gorgeous colours there. We’re doing our master bedroom a similar colour to Cupcake’s room. Love the darker blue for your bedroom too, so rich and vibrant.

    Yay for making your house your own and having a break from magnolia paint lol


  2. Love the colors you painted, so pretty.
    I have painted every room in my home over the years. My favorite was mixing paint in dry wall mud and putting it on my kitchen walls with a tiny spatula. After it cured for a week I came back and in spots rubbed a rust glaze mixed with bees wax into the crevices, I still love it today. My Mike calls it my ‘Banana Pudding’ Kitchen 😉


  3. Am just now catching up…happy to see your new blog and to see your activities. The house painting is looking great and your colors are exciting to see. The plan is coming together. Will catch up on the remainder of your posts.

    Great picture of the spoons and yarn on your blog header, oo.


  4. Wow, you guys did an amazing job! Especially love the turquoise. Painting is such hard work, but I do love a freshly painted room. Such design possibilities! Have fun with it! (and if ever in doubt, there’s always the IKEA catalog)


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