If you’re a parent, a relative, or even a teacher, do you frequently see something created by your/a child (given to you) that just makes you puff out your chest in pride or makes you feel special?

Every day I walk by these, reminding me of how motherhood has been such a blessed enrichment of my life:

#1: Princess Cupcake’s Science Fair Experiment – How does the substitution of an ingredient affect the final outcome?

Science Experiment

Side Note: I took myself off of Instagram. While I loved its easy simplicity and the chance to keep in touch with family and friends + knitters who don’t blog, I felt like I was personally copping out of blogging. I wanted to write again.

She baked one, simple chocolate chip cookie recipe three times:

Batch A was the control.

In Batch B, the one egg was substituted with 1/3 c of unsweetened applesauce.

In Batch C, the flour was fully substituted with coconut flour.

The Results:

The control tasted like traditional, chocolate chip cookies of course.

The applesauce, although unsweetened, gave the cookies a sweet, fruity flavor.

The coconut flour made the dough dry like play doh and the taste of coconut was highly evident.

Princess Cupcake got to bake by herself for the very first time, something she bugged me about for ages after finding out a fellow classmate bakes on her own. I watched over her like a hawk, especially when she had to handle the raw egg.

This missy was pleased as punch with herself in the end. At the science fair, her dad and I watched proudly as our daughter calmly explained to questioning parents about her experiment.

#2: Mother’s Day Surprises

364 days of the year, I’m a referee, cook, maid, chauffeur, and guidance counselor. While Mother’s Day only comes once a year, it’s moments like these that take my breath away and make that roller coaster worth while:

From Jellybean:


(If you have trouble reading any of these three from the web page, click on a picture for enlargement.)


From Cupcake:


Well, I’m done bragging.

Please do your bragging in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Awww those are the sweetest notes ever! You just can’t ever know what to expect when you have your children. They are special beyond words. That feeling is even multipilied when you get Grandkids. Treasure those moments and memories!


  2. Oh, I love it. What a sweet daughter you have. I do get a thrill out of things my babies have given me over the years. One of my all time favorites is a clay bust my son made of himself, it is adorable!


  3. Nothing to brag on my end. 🙂 But, you have an excellent reasons to brag- your girl is brilliant. Is it any wonder she is your daughter?


  4. Can’t brag….not much happened on Mother’s Day. I was supposed to have some time to myself but Little Man freaked out when I left with the baby (as in, “Daddy, where did Mama go?” every five minutes until I came home)….but then he didn’t want to come with me either. ::sigh:: And Husband’s back got screwed up so I wound up doing yard work.

    Nothing exciting. And Little Man doesn’t know what Mother’s Day is anyway.


  5. You should be a proud mama indeed! Your girls have a gift for words. I especially love how Cupcake apologized for her first words, LOL. My little guy made me a handmade mixed media card. So sweet.


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