In Motion

Imagine this: Seven/eight year olds + 100 acres of zoo.

Are you tired yet?

Yesterday I felt like a photographer for National Geographic while I tested out the Sports Action Mode on my Canon EOS Rebel T3i:

The penguins were just chillin’, gliding with ease.

I wish I had caught more of the grizzly but I was caught off guard when he started running off to the left of his habitat.

This peacock was all over the property like he owned the joint.

The lemurs reminded us of “Madagascar”.

This last shot is my favorite of course. I took 24 shots of them running through the tunnel. I could make a flip book.

By three o’clock my calves were burning and my feet hurt even though I was in Asics all day. What has been your National Geographic experience?


4 thoughts on “In Motion

  1. Your photos are terrific. I used to take my primary students to the zoo. Part of me misses those trips, the other part remembers how exhausting it was. Glad you had a good time.


  2. Beautiful photos. Just thinking about being at the zoo with a group of 7-8 year old makes me tired! I bet you slept fantastic last night.


  3. I do love the SF Zoo. My favorite, of course, is Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, in part because it’s totally free (it was part of the endowment and agreement left by Henry Vilas when the zoo was created)….but I do like the SF Zoo. I’ve also been to the National Zoo in Washington DC (which is fabulous) and the Oakland Zoo (which I didn’t like – too many hills).


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