Tortoiselike Beginnings

You know how a tortoise slowly swings a forelimb forward, plants its claws into the ground to propel itself forward before swinging its other leg forward? That’s the way I’m moving to get this blog up and going. I’m like a tortoise walking around 0.17 miles per hour, carrying that weighty carapace around, in my case, my real life responsibilities.

By tonight of this post, I will have pretty much finished the last of my PTA President duties to the school. Since March, I’ve put walk-a-thon donations first. For May, a good friend and one of the chairs of Field Day told me, “You gotta let it go and focus on your family and the house.” Green light? I’m no dummy; I’m gone!

Another close friend of mine commented how it’s bittersweet when I announced the retirement date of Knitspiring Odyssey back in February. I asked her why. She wrote, “I say bittersweet, as one door closes (your old blog) another opens (new blog).  Sad to say good bye to Knitspiring, but happy to see birth of Cakes and Spoons.  :-)” It’s true with my little, online corner of the world-wide web and it’s soon to be mirrored by the end of May.

When I first started Knitspiring Odyssey, I was trying to be knitty (witty). It was after Vogue Knitting Live, L.A. in 2011 where I remember Susan B. Anderson telling me about how they had the designers say on camera a word that either embodied the conference or how they felt about being there. I was a young mum learning how to be a parent and getting more knitting skills under my belt. I was green to the school community all the while knitting up gifts and dabbling in crochet here and there.

Now my oldest is a tween. I’ve achieved a decade of parenting, I’ve reached the intermediate level of knitting, I know the basics of crochet, and I can also add new skills of public speaking, leadership, Excel, and Mail Merge on my resume. Let’s throw in first time homeowner too shall we?

With this last new development, I felt a shift within. I’m not afraid of beginning anew in the blog world. I feel like a snake that’s outgrown its skin and is moving on or a caterpillar that’s undergone metamorphosis. Because my daughters are older, the  things that center and challenge me will be more in the forefront. And that my readers is how Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons was born.

So for today, I leave you with a glimpse of what wooly cakes have been made into and what wooden spoons have stirred and served:

“Diamonds”, using 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar

May 16th, Diamonds stitch pattern

Berroco Comfort Solids in Crypto Crystalline

A chemo beanie for a ray of sunshine mum who I fortunate to meet at the school.

mindy chemo hat 2-001

“Rawr! Bring it On!”

KItKat Hat by Andre Sue

Berroco Comfort Solids in Candy Pink and Pumpkin

A second beanie for that mum.


SPAM Musubi


This evening’s snack for the keiki to tide them over before tonight’s Spring General Meeting and its late potluck.



6 thoughts on “Tortoiselike Beginnings

  1. It is so wonderful to see your new space up and running. That blog header is just the best! And kudos to you for embracing all of the transformations in yourself. What a way to start a new blog, with two beautiful hats and some yummy snacks!


  2. I guess it’s getting a feel for how you want this new blog to be and what parts of yourself you want to put into it. It’s nice to see a post from you, love the photos of your recent makes 🙂


  3. even if at a turtles pace.. glad to have you back.
    i have been contemplating a change myself.. not sure if I am ready to make a change as big as you have.. but I am thinking of a new name.. the blog is no longer just about photography.. something to think about..


  4. Hooray! You are back! I have missed you. 🙂
    The hats are marvelous and I am happy to see you are still creating. Your description of yourself is a clear picture of a life being well lived! It is all change, and stretching, and growing and developing!
    Again…so glad to have you back.


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